Discover your B2B SaaS
ideal customer profile (ICP)
- 10x faster

Context-driven and AI-powered solution that provides tailored guidance and insights to uncover your core strenghts & customers who values that the most.
Trusted by teams at brilliant companies

The niche selection dillema

Fragmented insights

Struggling to make sense of scattered customer data and identify patterns?

Analysis paralysis

Difficulty to extract actionable insights and make confident decisions?

Risk of bias

Concerned that personal opinions might be clouding judgment and impacting important choices?

Customer discovery, but streamlined:
avoid the guessing with our context‑driven, AI‑powered framework

Identify best-fit target market segments

Our AI-powered famework streamlines the selection of champion segments, quickly pinpointing TOP10 that match your core strengths and strategy.

Enhance decision-making with logic-driven segment analysis

AI-automated scoring ranks customer segments to comapre based on factors genuinely relevant to your specific use case.

Set the stage for
in-depth validation

Unlock a 360° view of your target segment:
get a detailed segment breakdown, JTBD, persona archetypes, hypotheses, interview script and a curated lead shortlist.

Align your team with
'Customer Discovery Journal’

Streamline your customer validation journey with a clear roadmap, organized insights, and a progress tracking system - all in one place.

Enabling clarity & focus to founders

“I had the opportunity to test THEO Growth team and solution in a portfolio startup and was really impressed with the results. For those who are into their ICP and PmF it will be useful. I recommend”
Artis Kehris
Co-founder / Angel Investor
THEO's custom criteria approach has sharpened our decision-making, embedding more structured thinking into our DNA. The framework helps us to quickly vet use cases and focus on what truly matters.
Armands Liseks
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder / inGain
“THEO's expertise and tools has sharpened our focus. As we navigate daily operations, the insights and iterations they enable have become vital in defining our goals and preempting challenges.”
Janis Plakanis
Co-founder / Sehaci
“We've received incredibly positive feedback from all startups participating in Guntis' (THEO) lectures and workshops.
Many cite their teachings as pivotal in shaping their approach.”
Katrina Peipina
Program manager / Tech Hub Riga
Working with THEO Growth- was great. Their deep understanding of startups helped us to align the priorities. With their help we where able to enhance our customer discovery strategy.
Eriks Kehris
CEO, Co-founder /
Guntis' invaluable feedback during our pitch sessions in the Spring Up program helped our startups to focus sharply on early adopters and refine their Go-To-Market strategies.
Alise Gurenko
Riga TechGirls Spring up Program Director

"The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do."

– Michael Porter

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