We validate your ideal customers, you conquer the market

Accelerate your path to product-market fit with our all-inclusive ideal customer discovery & validation program. We handle the in-depth interviews, analysis, and strategic insights – so you can focus on building and launching the product

Build the right product, with confidence

Avoid costly pivots and iterations by starting with a validated foundation of customer knowledge

Actionable insights, not just data

Receive validated go-to-market strategy to directly guide your marketing and product choices

Empower your team for a long run

Our knowledge transfer session ensures your team gains self-sufficiency in customer discovery

Mastery Program's process

Lay the foundation

The Mastery Program commences with the robust framework established in the Ideal Customer Sprint. During the first two weeks, your startup’s strengths, advantages, and potential segments are identified, ideal customer criteria crafted, and prioritization workshop conducted. This forms the entire Ideal Customer Sprint encapsulated in the Mastery Program's initial phase

Intensive customer validation

Armed with hypotheses, we dive into the core of the Mastery Program—executing and refining customer interviews. Utilizing outreach automation for efficiency, we conduct 10-15 interviews per segment, adjusting our approach with ongoing analysis. We transcribe each interview, employ post-interview prompting for deeper insights, and update your 'Customer Brandbook' in real time

Insight synthesis & strategy development

We then translate these transcriptions and findings into a strategic roadmap. This week is dedicated to synthesizing the wealth of data into actionable insights, ready to inform your marketing and product strategies

Final analysis & knowledge transfer

In the final week, we provide a comprehensive knowledge transfer session, sharing our methodologies and systems. We ensure your team is well-prepared to continue this refined process of customer discovery and market validation autonomously

Mastery program

One-time payment
€5000 for early stage startups
  • Everything as in ICD Sprint +
  • 20-25 interviews (transcripted)
  • Interview insights
  • Validated segment's needs and pains
  • Validated segment's existing alternative satisfaction
  • Validated customer persona
  • 'Customer Discovery brandbook'
  • Segment context pre-trained AI Co-pilot
  • Knowledge transfer session
  • 3x follow up mentoring sessions
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Enabling clarity & focus to founders

“I had the opportunity to test THEO Growth team and solution in a portfolio startup and was really impressed with the results. For those who are into their ICP and PmF it will be useful. I recommend”
Artis Kehris
Co-founder / Angel Investor
THEO's custom criteria approach has sharpened our decision-making, embedding more structured thinking into our DNA. The framework helps us to quickly vet use cases and focus on what truly matters.
Armands Liseks
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder / inGain
“THEO's expertise and tools has sharpened our focus. As we navigate daily operations, the insights and iterations they enable have become vital in defining our goals and preempting challenges.”
Janis Plakanis
Co-founder / Sehaci

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