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Refine your market fit in just one week with THEO's ICD sprint

Leap ahead in the startup race by crystallizing your customer understanding with our ICD Sprint. In one intensive week, we’ll streamline your path to product-market fit with data-driven insights and AI-enhanced precision

Discover markets aligned with your DNA

Pinpoint the markets where your unique vision, solution, and competitive edge resonate deeply

Validate with unmatched precision

Minimize risk, maximize confidence through expert analysis and focused customer validation

Build a foundation for success

Deeply understand your ideal customer and market fit to guide marketing and product decisions

Sprint process

Initial meeting

We begin with a comprehensive initial meeting to grasp the core of your startup. This includes discussing your business model, existing solution, core technology, and problem statement. We'll dive into competitors, your perceived advantages, and any do's and don'ts for the project

Prep for workshop

Over two days, we delve into the pre-workshop preparation. This involves employing the ICD framework to generate a comprehensive understanding of potential new opportunity segments or sub-segments and their characteristics. We identify key attributes, strengths, Jobs to Be Done (JTBD), alternatives, and more. The outcome is a structured list of segments and a tailored set of custom criteria for scoring them

Full-Day workshop

During the workshop, we collectively review all generated content and insights. Here we aim to align and adjust based on our findings and prioritize segments using the custom criteria silos approach. By day's end, we will have a prioritized list of customer segments and refined hypotheses for validation

Insights consolidation

Post-workshop, we synthesize the insights into a coherent strategy, culminating in a Customer Discovery Brandbook within Notion. This two-day effort ensures that we capture all workshop adjustments, finalized segment priorities, and prepared hypotheses for validation interviews

Knowledge transfer session

On the final day, we engage in a knowledge transfer session to walk you through the Customer Discovery Brandbook. This includes how to track progress and analyze the results from validation interviews and hypothesis testing, equipping you with the know-how to continue the discovery journey effectively

Ideal customer sprint

One-time payment
  • Custom scoring criteria
  • Segment's analysis
  • Tailored ICD sprint/workshop
  • Hypothesis & interview script/form
  • 'Customer intelligence book'
  • Templates & guides
  • Training materials
  • Coaching/mentoring/sync sessions
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Enabling clarity & focus to founders

“I had the opportunity to test THEO Growth team and solution in a portfolio startup and was really impressed with the results. For those who are into their ICP and PmF it will be useful. I recommend”
Artis Kehris
Co-founder / Angel Investor
THEO's custom criteria approach has sharpened our decision-making, embedding more structured thinking into our DNA. The framework helps us to quickly vet use cases and focus on what truly matters.
Armands Liseks
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder / inGain
“THEO's expertise and tools has sharpened our focus. As we navigate daily operations, the insights and iterations they enable have become vital in defining our goals and preempting challenges.”
Janis Plakanis
Co-founder / Sehaci
Working with THEO Growth- was great. Their deep understanding of startups helped us to align the priorities. With their help we where able to enhance our customer discovery strategy.
Eriks Kehris
CEO, Co-founder /
Guntis' invaluable feedback during our pitch sessions in the Spring Up program helped our startups to focus sharply on early adopters and refine their Go-To-Market strategies.
Alise Gurenko
Riga TechGirls Spring up Program Director

Frequently Asked Questions

THEO combines cutting-edge AI-automated framework with expert-led workshops to define and refine your startup's market fit. Our service includes a comprehensive framework for segmentation, persona development, and hypothesis testing to ensure that your go-to-market strategy is data-informed and results-driven


Expect to emerge from THEO's service with a crystal-clear understanding of your target market. We deliver a strategic blueprint that defines your ideal customer segments, their needs, and the value they seek, positioning you to capture market opportunities with precision.

You will be led through silos-based thinking which will tackle the possible biases and overcomplexity that overhelming when there is too much data to analyse at the same time. Additionally, you will align with the team on the core strenghts, attributes of your startups and ideal/bad characteristics of your customer segments.


THEO is committed to your privacy and data security. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with every client and adhere to stringent data protection protocols to safeguard your information

Our AI automation harnesses a sequence of over 350 thoughtfully crafted prompts, tailored to navigate the complexities of your startup's unique landscape. It's designed to work logically through your challenges, aligning with proven methodologies to deliver consistent, accurate insights for strategic decision-making. This approach not only reduces bias but also hones in on what's essential for your growth, equipping you with the clarity to prioritize and execute with confidence.

Our approach is highly tailored to each startup's unique strengths and use case. With our extensive and granular chain-of-prompts, we offer a logic-driven and accurate process designed to align closely with your specific goals and context. We have developed "THEO Customer Criteria Engine" (TCCE) which is cruitial step to make sure you have tailored approach when scoring and comparing segments that are the best fit.

Our context-driven approach, combined with the CISS methodology, provides a level of customization and depth that generic AI tools can't match. This combination of unmatched speed and tailored quality sets us apart, offering structured insights and strategic decision-making. Unlike others, who are either slow or not high quality, we provide both efficiency and excellence.