Empower your startups to find their perfect-fit customers with confidence

Supercharge your program's impact with our ICD Sprint tailored for teams/cohorts. Equip startups to deeply understand their ideal customers and unlock market-driven growth faster and more confident

Maximize your startups' chances of survival

Equip them with essential tools and knowledge to find product-market fit early, reducing failure rates

Cultivate customer-centric culture

Our sprint equips startups with the tools and framework to become deeply customer-focused

Give founders confidence boost

Provide founders with a structured process, data-driven insights, and direct mentorship to make informed decisions

Sprint process

Contextual pre-workshop analysis

Engage in individual startup discussions to collect essential context and background. Our team then processes this data to create a Customer Discovery Brandbook filled with insights specifically tailored for each team, laying the groundwork for the upcoming workshop

Tailored workshop and data immersion

Kick off with a dynamic 1-Day workshop where each team is equipped with their processed insights and a Customer Discovery Brandbook tailored to their startup's context. Throughout this interactive workshop, teams will not only learn about customer discovery techniques but also apply this knowledge directly to their provided data, ensuring hands-on learning and immediate application

Dedicated customer interviews

Teams embark on a rigorous one or two-week customer interview journey, utilizing scripts and strategies discussed in the workshop. This phase allows teams to apply their learnings in a practical environment, gathering valuable market feedback

Reflective synthesis workshop (optional)

Teams return for a half-day synthesis workshop, a collaborative environment to discuss the outcomes of their interviews. This session is essential for sharing collective insights, adjusting hypotheses based on real feedback, and redefining the market approach

One-on-One strategic mentorship

Each team receives focused 1:1 mentorship sessions. These sessions delve into the specifics of each team’s interview outcomes and insights, refining their individual strategies and providing clear action steps for moving forward

Ideal customer sprint for groups (up to 15 teams)

One-time payment
  • Custom scoring criteria
  • Segment's analysis
  • Tailored ICD sprint/workshop
  • Hypothesis & interview script/form
  • 'Customer Discovery brandbook'
  • Templates & guides
  • Startup context pre-trained AI Co-pilot
  • Training materials
  • Coaching/mentoring/sync sessions
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Enabling clarity & focus to founders

“We've received incredibly positive feedback from all startups participating in Guntis' (THEO) lectures and workshops.
Many cite their teachings as pivotal in shaping their approach.”
Katrina Peipina
Program manager / Tech Hub Riga
Guntis' invaluable feedback during our pitch sessions in the Spring Up program helped our startups to focus sharply on early adopters and refine their Go-To-Market strategies.
Alise Gurenko
Riga TechGirls Spring up Program Director

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