It isn't just a step in the startup journey; it's the beginning.

Envisioning a new paradigm where AI simplicity meets startup complexity, guiding your trajectory from idea to market supremacy with pure, unbiased data.


We've seen too many innovative startups struggle to gain traction, hampered by misaligned market assumptions and unchecked biases. Our mission is to equip these changemakers with clear, data-backed insights.


By harnessing AI and a structured methodology, we tailor a path for startups to rise above data noise and bias, laying the foundation for a future where real-time insights and ecosystem-wide intelligence become the norm.


Our AI-driven framework demystifies the startup journey, offering logical, step-by-step guidance. Founders can swiftly prioritize their ideal customer segments, cut through bias, and accelerate validation.

Seasoned by startups, driven by discovery


Our dynamic startup virtuoso, who harnesses a diverse experience as a founder, academic, mentor, and behavioral expert to accelerate the customer discovery journey for startups.


Our strategic force in project execution, blending her expertise in operations management and coaching to guide startups through the intricacies of project planning and bias mitigation.


Our process innovator, he brings his business analysis acumen to orchestrate complex automation solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and creating robust logic-flows that power startup growth.
  • 14+ years in startups
  • Mentored 200+ startups
  • Lead LIAA Business Incubator
  • Founded/Lead “Startup Management” bachelor program
  • 1300h+ spent ‘prompt engineering’
  • 1000h+ practised individual / team coaching
  • Augmented Reality, NFC, GenAI pioneers in Latvia
  • Former Accenture Baltics Leadership team member
  • “30 under 30” Forbes Latvia award
  • Custom-built Ideal Customer Discovery framework practising for 6+ years
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From Chaos to Structure: Engineering Startup Ecosystems

Constitution of Startup Discovery

We're crafting the constitution of startup discovery — the definitive source where all paths begin. As physicists seek the unified theory of the universe, we decode the core of startup success, making sense of the chaos and structuring the essence of innovation

Architects of Innovation

It's about constructing the pillars for a revolutionized startup discovery ecosystem. We see a future where real-time intelligence derived from your data is the norm, where strategic pivots are informed by an ever-evolving, autonomous process

Catalysts for Growth

Through our framework, we envision an evolution from founder intuition to AI-infused decision-making. Our platform is a crucible where structured data becomes the fuel for sustainable, informed business decisions, propelling startups into tomorrow.

AI-Driven, Human-Centered

We're building not just a tool, but an ecosystem where AI amplifies your strategic foresight. Our vision is a future where startups wield the power of AI as a co-pilot, steering clear of biases, and navigating towards undeniable success.

Partners & Support​

We proudly collaborate with an elite network of partners, leveraging advanced technologies and accredited frameworks to elevate your startup's strategic positioning and credibility in the market.
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*FOMO - Fears of Missing Out
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